Hi #cccWrite! I have missed the last couple blog entries, but I’ll get back to those. The topic of this one is so absolutely relevant right now, so I must jump on it first.

Unplugging is incredibly difficult for me. Honestly, I read Michelle’s prompt about unplugging, and I thought to myself “Well, unplugging still gives me 6 hours left of battery life.” That’s how much I don’t unplug. When I do force myself to close the laptop or put down the phone, I’ll usually turn to exercise. I’ve been running and lap swimming again, and there’s an awesome kickboxing class at the gym several times a week. Exercise not only gets me off the devices, but it also allows me to get out of my own head. That’s when I recharge. When I am concentrated on something new, different. The crazy thing about it is that my creative juices get flowing, and I’ll often get my best work-related ideas when I’m nowhere near a computer.  After my run last weekend, I was frantically searching for a piece of paper because I had about 4 ideas that I needed to quickly jot down before they escaped me.

Today I spent a bunch of time in our backyard gardening. The kids were chasing each other around with sticks and who-knows-what-else, so it wasn’t creative-thinking time for me, but it brought back memories I had of watching my mom gardening in our backyard during my childhood. She’d get lost in the garden, and as a kid I never understood how she could do that for so long. Now I totally get it. There’s a simplicity to it, and yet it engages all the senses. I’m looking forward to more unplugging in the garden through spring and summer.

This is the first weekend that I haven’t made bread. We were out of flour today, so I couldn’t. But that’s another way that I’ve been unplugging lately, although I’ve been finding bread recipes on Pinterest. Creating something by mixing together flour, water, salt, yeast… again, it’s so simple, and yet so engaging. And again, something that my mom would do during my childhood. Weird.

I enjoy reading but I really mostly read books recommended by friends and family who are sure that I’ll like the book. It takes me several pages to get into a book, and if I’m not hooked before I put it down the first time, I probably won’t pick it up again. During our January break, I read Dark Matter in about 2 days because it was so so good that I pretty much never put it down. That was a recommendation from my sister-in-law. If I am into a book, then I am lost in it, completely disconnected from the  world around me.

I also recharge by laughing with the people I love. Sharing memories, telling stories, just being present to each other. I’m fortunate that my parents raised us to be aware of the “present of presence” and it is still a core value of our family time together. My dad is no longer with us; he died of cancer 9 years ago. I still miss him a lot, but spending time with my mom and siblings is one way of feeling his presence. I think my dad recharges us through that family time. He was always the rock of our strong family.

Oh, and before I forget, I did a pseudo-sketchnote for this one. Michelle mentioned in her prompt about some of us joining the #SketchCUE challenge on Twitter. I’ve been looking for more ways to exercise my creativity online (not unplugged), and that has been a fun way to practice. Here’s my try at a sketchnote for unplugging. 


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